Matcha juice drink

This green matcha juice drink is ideal now we are heading into the warmer summer months, this matcha juice is guaranteed to give your afternoon an extra boost as it is packed full of super foods and goodness. It will also keep you super cool and refreshed when you need it most. The whole family are sure to love this juice as it can be adjusted to suit even the most fussy eaters, we love adding half an avocado as this turns the juice into more of a smoothie, experiment have fun!

You will need

Two handfuls of spinach
1tsp of Terrific Tea matcha
1cm of chopped fresh ginger
Half a small tin of pineapple and juice
200ml of apple juice
Handful of ice-cubes (optional)
Half an avocado (optional)

How to
Simply blitz all of the ingredients in a food blender until smooth and serve straight away with a few extra ice cubes. Don't worry if the drink settles, give it a quick stir and you are good to go! Sit in the garden and enjoy.

This juice is full of goodness, spinach is a rich source of beta carotene, lutein and xanthene, all of which are beneficial for eyesight. Pineapple is high in vitamin C, vitamin B1, potassium and manganese, in addition to other special antioxidants that help prevent disease formation. Ginger is regarded as an excellent carminative, a substance that promotes the elimination of excessive gas from the digestive system.

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