Matcha chai latte (Iced or hot)

You will need
1g of Terrific Tea matcha
Half a tsp of sugar
4tbsp of warm water
250ml of warm milk
A pinch of chai spice
Ice cubes if making an iced latte

How to
Measure out the matcha, sugar and chai spice (if using) into a cup. Add the warm water and use a whisk to mix into a smooth green paste removing any lumps. Warm the milk and pour into the cup (use cold milk at this point instead for an iced latte). Now use a whisk to mix the paste and milk together to create a smooth green drink (add a few ice cubes if making an iced latte) sit back and enjoy!

Top tip: By adding a little DIY chai spice - ground cardamon, cinnamon and ginger, you can make a truly warming winter latte.

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