Terrific tea organic ceromonial grade matcha
Terrific tea organic ceromonial grade matcha
Terrific Tea Matcha is 100% organic soil association

Japanese organic matcha green tea powder 30g

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This ceremonial matcha green tea powder is 100% natural and does not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants, preservatives and is certified organic by the Soil Association. Only the finest tea buds are picked and dried to create our fine milled, bright green organic matcha. It has a unique, sweet and distinctive taste.

Vegan, organic and gluten free.

The benefits
Matcha contains important vitamins, minerals, amino acid and antioxidants for general well-being. It has been associated with the prevention of illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol and blood sugar.

Team this matcha with our whisk, spoon, bowl and cups for the perfect matcha experience.

This matcha is ideal for use in lattes, juices, smoothies and baking.

One months supply based on using a 1g serving of matcha once a day. Store in the fridge and always reseal the lid after every use.

Our aluminum tin is 100% recyclable.

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