How to...

Enjoy Matcha

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy matcha. There are many ways you can use matcha, by adding it to smoothies, lattes, iced drinks, yogurt, cocktails, baking or even as a beauty product. An easy way to incorporate matcha into your everyday life is simply by drinking it with water.

Making the perfect matcha
Start by adding 1g of matcha to a cup, add 4tbs of warm water and mix together with a whisk until you have a smooth paste and you have blended any lumps. Add approx 80ml of warm water (best at around 80°) and continue to whisk in a zig zag motion to create a smooth frothy drink, sit back and enjoy.

Top Tip: Make sure the water is not boiling as this will burn the tea and give the matcha a bitter taste.

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